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1) The business is committed to ensuring the safe and secure provision of running and riding activities during the current Covid-19 Pandemic. To this end, a Covid-19 Officer has been appointed.  This is Emily Lillywhite Iredale and she can be contacted via e-mail on

2) An overarching Covid-19 Risk Assessment has been created to allow the business to partake in runs and rides in a Covid-19 Secure environment. Specific routes have been assessed with Covid-19 considerations taken into account and relevant risk assessment documents have been created.

3) To ensure Track and Trace protocols are achieved, all runners and riders are required to confirm attendance prior to the run. This is registered via email or text. Should any runner be diagnosed with Covid-19, they need to contact the Covid-19 Officer, who will then notify any runner or rider who may have recently come into contact with the infected individual of the need for them to follow the latest NHS Test and Trace guidelines. The Covid-19 Officer will also request that the infected person completes the UK Athletics Covid-19 tracking form (

Runners Risk Assessment

Riders Risk Assessment

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